Mousa Yassin started Pixaera with a clear mission: empower people through play by leveraging gaming and Ai.

Starting off on the premise of a gaming company providing safety training solutions, Yassin’s focus has truly shifted since the beginning of Pixaera’s journey and his passion for safety has taken centre stage.

"Safety professionals hold one of the most important functions. When people don’t die, when there are no accident, you simply do not hear about them. They are true unsung heroes and we want to shine light on them."

Mousa Yassin, Pixaera

Through working with many companies over the past few years, Mousa Yassin has become even more in tune with and passionate about the safety space and has recognised that it is full of “unsung heroes"; and it has become a personal mission for him to tell their stories and share their invaluable insights.

And the power of it all is that collectively, each episode brings stories of all those experts in the field to life and it gets to amplify the missing voice of a safety culture, through learnings and expertise that can be shared across all industries.

"I am taking personal time to share their stories but it has brought such invaluable insights and perspective into my work too. The journey has been incredible."

Mousa Yassin, Pixaera

Some of the biggest names in the HSE space are taking part: Malcolm Staves, Sebastien Chaigneau, and Carole Smets to name just a few.

safety heroes podcast logo

The Safety Heroes podcast is a passion project on the themes of workplace safety and putting people at the centre of organisations' considerations.

The safety space is made of everyday people who are real-life heroes, committed to creating a safe environment and engaging safety culture within their companies. Their priority is to ensure each and everyone of their employees gets to return home after a day’s work unharmed: they are unsung heroes. In fact, you never hear about them when they do their jobs right!

We want to celebrate these everyday people and inspire others in that space to look at things differently, improve their safety management plans and overall learn as a collective; making “Safety” a cornerstone of every company’s culture.

So let’s celebrate those safety leaders who stand on the frontline and the emotional/human implications of working in the safety space.

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