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Struck-by Hazards Training

Immersive training to identify potential struck-by hazards before they lead to harm.
Module Duration:
7 minutes
Average Rating:
Line of fire


Pixaera’s Struck-by Hazards module is intended to address one of the top four causes of fatalities in the construction industry according to OSHA. Designed in a gamfied manner to maximize retention, this module puts the user through a series of challenges to identify potential struck-by hazards before they lead to harm.

Unlike classroom and e-learning training, it immerses users in real-life scenarios that allow them to interact with their environment and make decisions in real-time.

In line with OSHA’s guidance documents on the fatal four, this module teaches the user about the four types of struck-by hazards including:

  • Struck-by flying object

  • Struck-by falling object

  • Struck-by swinging object

  • Struck-by rolling object

Struck-by Hazards training details

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