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Pixaera’s powerful platform gives you the ability to scale, deploy, and manage your safety training program from any device efficiently and securely.

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Scalable platform 2x

One powerful,
scalable platform

Manage your safety training program from a single platform that integrates seamlessly with your existing LMS. Reach thousands of employees globally on any device including PCs, mobiles and VR headsets.

Frictionless integration 2x

Discover frictionless integration

Our platform is designed to effortlessly integrate with your existing LMS, taking the hassle out of implementation.

Protected 2x

Stay protected

Pixaera is ISO-27001 certified, built for global enterprise-level security, and works with large organisations across the world who trust us to safeguard their data.

Deploy 2x

Deploy to any device

Access high-quality, immersive training content from any device, including browser streaming, desktop, mobile, and VR devices.

Performance data in real time

Easily generate and view safety insights and impact reports in real time. Track the progress of staff, identify areas for improvement and take action.
Safety performance
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Access dozens of immersive learning experiences

Create a learning series from our range of experiences to suit your workforce. Or choose a pre-created series like The Life-saving Rules, Osha, or Safety Leadership Fundamentals.

Working at Heights Hero

Working at Heights Training

Developed in line with industry best practices, this immersive course covers all the essentials around fall protection equipment and securing tools and materials at a height.

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BP's immersive safety training integration journey

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Shell’s success in globally implementing IOGP's 9 Life-Saving Rules


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