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Workplace Health & Safety Training

Immersive workplace health and safety VR training cources created by safety experts. Built on leading technology. Designed to save lives.


Our online workplace safety training simulations are ready to go on both PC and VR. Gamified and highly engaging, the health and safety training cources promote long-term retention of essential workplace safety rules.

Set up and deploy workplace safety simulations across your organization in minutes, and monitor performance in real-time. You can even track critical HSE and behavioral trends from user actions to inform real-world safety protocols and ultimately save lives.

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Workplace safety trainings include

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  1. Working at Heights Hero

    1. Working at Heights Training

    Developed in line with industry best practices, this immersive course covers all the essentials around fall protection equipment and securing tools and materials at a height.

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  2. Confined Spaces hero image

    2. Confined Space Safety Training

    Through experiential, game-based learning, this course spreads awareness of the dangers of confined spaces and the measures that workers need to put in place prior to entry.

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  3. Safe Mechanical Lifting Hero

    3. Safe Mechanical Lifting Training

    This engaging course upskills workers in understanding the importance of pre-use checks, obeying barriers and exclusion zones, and the dangers of walking under suspended loads.

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  4. Energy Isolation Hero image

    4. Energy Isolation Training

    Protect your workers with this interactive Life-saving Rules course. Designed to help users retain critical LOTO safety, lockout tagout training, and other energy isolation safety skills.

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  5. Hot Work hero image

    5. Hot Work Training

    This gamified learning experience teaches workers the knowledge and behaviors needed to undertake hot work safely.

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  6. Line of Fire Hero

    6. Line of Fire Training

    An experiential, game-based Life-saving Rules module to help your workers protect themselves, and those around them, from potentially fatal incidents in the workplace.

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  7. Work Authorization hero image

    7. Permit to Work Safety Training

    Arm your workforce with critical Work Authorization rules, including hazard prevention and control, permit to work training, and more - all through interactive, game-based learning.

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  8. BSC Hero Low

    8. Bypassing Safety Controls Training

    As well as preventing and controlling hazards, this module also covers hazard elimination, safety-critical equipment, hazard recognition training and safety control systems.

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  9. Driving Safety Hero

    9. Driving Safety Training

    By immersing the user in real-life scenarios, this IOGP course covers vital driving safety rules. Ideal for inductions, refreshers, contractor awareness and pre-site visits.

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