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VR Safety Training

Learn more about how VR health and safety training software can enhance employee safety and transform your workplace culture.

VR Safety training software

Transform how your employees learn

Through creating immersive learning experiences, VR health safety training software can improve employee engagement, and ultimately the retention and application of key Safety training.

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Increases engagement and retention

Results from studies with our clients show that our VR safety training solutions improve employee engagement in safety training, and increases the retention of the safety knowledge by up to 8x compared to traditional methods

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Mistakes are encouraged

VR health and safety training solutions ensure that employees can fail in a safe and controlled way, in a highly realistic environment

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Cost-effective VR safety training solutions

VR safety training solutions can help reduce employee and equipment downtime by minimizing the need for physical equipment, travel, and the potential for property damage or accidents during training.

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Provides data-driven insights

VR safety software provides data and analytics on trainees' performance and progress, in a way that traditional training programmes may struggle to do. This information can be used to assess individual and group proficiency, identify areas for improvement, and refine the training program for maximum effectiveness.