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VR for Training Teams

Revolutionise your safety training with Virtual Reality

Reduce workplace accidents and mitigate risks in your safety training with realistic high quality Virtual reality.

A safer way to train employees

Simulate High risk, hazardous scenarios without putting people in harms way

Our VR software redefines safety training with immersive, high-quality simulations of hazardous conditions. By replicating real-world scenarios in a safe way, employees can learn critical skills without being exposed to actual danger, increasing their confidence and preparedness and reducing the risks of workplace accidents.

Trusted by Training teams worldwide

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Accessible & Inclusive

Reduce language barriers and reach every employee

Successful implementation is ensured by making training accessible and inclusive. With multi-language support, subtitles, and translations, training becomes accessible to all employees, in the language of their choice, reducing barriers to comprehension. This fosters a universally prepared workforce, ultimately leading to a seamless and effective safety training rollout.

Workplace Health Safety Training

Customize & Future proof

Build bespoke courses and adapt content for your specific needs

Stay at the forefront of forward-thinking training, utilize Oman LNG's assets to create your own custom comprehensive, realistic training content. With built-in tools, we enable high-quality content development, ensuring that your safety training is of the highest standard and fits with your unique industry challenges.

Bypassing safety controls

Safety & risk reduction

Improve your training and reduce risk of accidents

With users acquiring knowledge four times faster than traditional methods, VR is an effective and safe way to reduce workplace accidents. Independent studies show a 275% boost in employee confidence and a fourfold increase in emotional investment and focus, resulting in a workforce better prepared for high risk work environment.

Case study

Shells global implementation of VR