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VR for Digital Managers

Seamlessly integrated VR training that sticks and is built for scale

Customise and deploy our easy to use game-based PC and Virtual Reality training to drive higher adoption, retention and satisfaction in your organisations safety training.

A platform built for scale

Achieve Training Success at scale with our all-in-one learning platform

Our VR solution offers a unique cost-effective platform, specifically built for organisations at scale allowing you to securely distribute training to +30,000 users in no time. Working closely together with our safety experts high quality content is easily adapted for your specific needs and help you quickly deploy, measure and integrate VR training successfully into your organisation.

Trusted by Digital Managers worldwide

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Multi-device & Offline support

Versatile training that works with or without a VR headset

Forget boring video training modules. Our Web-based platform supports streaming rich, game-based training to VR headsets, PCs and web browsers. Don't have high speed internet? No problem, the platform and all the content can also be downloaded in offline environments amongst many other features to support adoption and scale.

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Customize & Deploy

Easily customize courses and adapt content at a fraction of the cost

Pixaera software provides end-to-end service, allowing you to tailor safety training content to your unique requirements together with our safety experts. With built-in editing tools we offer affordable, high-quality content development and seamless integration with existing systems, ensuring effective deployment of your customized training.


Integrate & Manage

Plug and play, in minutes with seamlessly integration of third party content

Designed to integrate seamlessly and securely with your existing LMS; you can easily manage users, deployments, monitor results and track trends globally across your workforce from one central location. Our SDKs allow you to integrate third party content and with features such as guest mode and offline mode you can easily adapt your training to any situation.

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Stay protected, with advanced safety protocols

With robust security features and state-of-the-art network infrastructure, Pixaera complies with global security standards to keep all of your sensitive data under lock and key. VR training platform complies with global security standards to keep all of your sensitive data under lock and key.

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High quality content

More successful workplace training with Virtual Reality

We focus on creating rich, interactive game-based VR training that sticks. All our modules and courses are created together with our panel of safety experts and tested for impact. Results from studies show that VR training solutions improve employee engagement in safety training, and increases the retention of the knowledge by up to 8x compared to traditional methods.

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Evolve & Future proof

Lead the Way in Safety with an innovative training platform

With regular updates and a comprehensive product roadmap, our software ensures that you have access to cutting-edge technology and industry best practices. By choosing our VR Safety training software, you can rest assured that you're not just keeping pace with technology but leading the way in creating safer work environments.

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