Driving safety training cultivates a crucial health and safety skill, for everyone who drives or travels in vehicles. Learning driving safety in a simulated environment is orders of magnitude more effective than video or text formats.

More generally, our Driving simulations are a fun, engaging way to help the trainee understand and retain critical safe driving rules and road safety requirements. They allow the user to experience the rare situations that lead to incidents and understand the “why” behind safety rules. They are suitable for inductions, refreshers, contractor awareness, pre-site visits, and much more.

Available for both VR and PC, our immersive 3D learning simulations take users through real-life scenarios. They solve problems, interact with the world, and imprint long-term knowledge of essential driving rules.

Our Driving course covers the following rules:

  • I always wear a seatbelt

  • I do not exceed the speed limit and reduce my speed for road conditions.

  • I do not use phones or operate devices while driving

  • I am fit, rested and fully alert while driving

  • I follow journey management requirements