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We’re bringing experiential learning games to the professional world. Engage employees, change behavior and increase knowledge retention on a global scale – all through the very best in interactive, immersive learning experiences.

Pixaera is trusted by teams in a number of industries, worldwide. And the list is growing.

Built in the digital world.
Made for the real world.

Level up your workforce with dozens of existing game-based learning experiences from Pixaera. Update and customize content to fit your needs in a fraction of the time – all thanks to our built-in development tools.

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Bespoke content: created in weeks, not months.

Build your own training courses

Build and deploy interactive learning experiences that are fully tailored to your organization. Our gaming experts and partners leverage state-of-the-art development tools to take your vision from initial concept to a playable version in just two weeks. Then, following user testing and constant collaboration, will deliver content that’s superior and guaranteed to create a lasting impact.

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Fully immersive, fully scalable learning games – that work.

Pixaera is the all-in-one solution for delivering immersive, game-based learning to a global workforce.

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Customize modules or build bespoke courses, fast. And at a fraction of the usual cost.


Roll out to your entire workforce, in minutes, via VR headsets or PC.


Set personalized learning goals and extract actionable insights.


Integrate with your own LMS or manage users through Pixaera’s platform.

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The power of Pixaera


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The power of Pixaera


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The power of Pixaera


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Plug and play, in minutes.

Fully secure, and designed to integrate seamlessly with your existing LMS, you can manage users, monitor results and track trends from a central location.

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Stay protected, with advanced safety protocols.

With robust security features and state-of-the-art network infrastructure, Pixaera complies with global security standards to keep all of your sensitive data under lock and key.

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Pixaera brings together some of the brightest minds in gaming. We believe in working hard and playing harder – and we’re looking for people to help us take learning to the next level.

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