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Designed by industry experts

Pixaera’s learning experiences are designed by industry experts with psychological safety and human performance principles in mind to eliminate Serious Injuries and Fatalities (SIFs)


Elevate your safety culture with personalized journeys that assess, empower and train your employees to their highest potential.

Leverage Pixaera to evaluate your workforce with engaging assessment modules and deploy personalized learning experiences aimed at unifying your safety culture, decreasing Serious Incidents and Fatalities (SIFs), and enhancing psychological safety across your organization.

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Story Driven Simulations

Hyper-realistic, story-driven simulations put trainees in situations that could lead to SIFs. By not just observing but experiencing dramatic incidents, trainees learn by doing – the most effective way to train.


Ongoing knowledge gap analysis and micro-learning programs powered by hazard-spotting games and progression systems. Providing management with analysis with recommendations across their workforce.

Safety Leadership

Reality-based scenarios allow trainees to build safety leadership skills by practicing difficult conversations in real time.

Personalize your learning series

Create a learning series from our range of experiences to suit your workforce. Or choose a pre-created series like The Life-saving Rules, Osha, or Safety Leadership Fundamentals.

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One powerful,
scalable platform

Manage your safety training program from a single platform that integrates seamlessly with your existing LMS. Reach thousands of employees globally on any device including PCs, mobiles and VR headsets.

Performance data in real time

Easily generate and view safety insights and impact reports in real time. Track the progress of staff, identify areas for improvement and take action.
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How it works


Start from industry-specific risks

Identify risks and incidents that lead to SIFs and get suggestions on relevant training needs and safety standards for your specific industry, i.e. OSHA.


Build tailored learning programs

Get recommendations on which learning experiences are right for your organisation & customise the content with the help of safety experts.


Scale, track & access from any device

Deploy globally, monitor progress, analyse results and make improvements easily from one secure platform on any device.

Case studies

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BP's immersive safety training integration journey

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Shell’s success in globally implementing IOGP's 9 Life-Saving Rules

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